2015 ‘What a Year’

What happens in 2015 stays in 2015. Sooooo many people have said 2015 was a serious year.

This was a year of testing and trials but God showed me that He is so so faithful, God is more than able to fulfill all of His promises.


2015 was the year I received the gift of prophecy. The bible says we should earnestly desire the best gifts – that’s what I asked for some years back can’t remember exactly maybe  in 2013 or 2014. Anyhoooo one day I was in church service and as I was speaking out in tongues during prayer time this message came to me it was something I had never experienced before, but I was so afraid to say it out I waited until after the service and told the message to the Pastor. For the next few months I struggled with my nerves as I earnestly prayed and asked God to increase my faith so that He can use me. It’s funny how people try to catch you out at first really it is funny like people start asking strange questions and acting like you’re making up the gift  – don’t worry when God wants to use your life He will baffle the spectators and silence your critics. That’s my story. If you’ve asked God for something then just focus on doing what God has called you to do. God is faithful – It’s too much for words. 2015 was the year when God purged, purified and set His church in order.

“I will purge the rebels from among you for you are my body and I must purify you” says the Lord 🙂

“I am the watchman of My House and I am the Gatekeeper of My House, for I stand at the gate and I watch” says the Lord 🙂

2015 was the year when people really had to learn that God is in control – the Master Orchestrator.  Certain plots had to come to a rapid end in 2015 because except the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build. They really do labour in vain. So we thank God that He always gets the last word 🙂 #mydaddystheking.

“Sit back and relax, God is in control”


When I write my story I’ll tell you about my days of living in New York City with dreams of moving to Los Angeles and living that ‘American Dream.’ To cut a long story short 2015 marked 7 years since I had been back to the United States. I had to apply for a Visa which on previous occasions had been denied. God knew if I got that visa a moment earlier I would probably have never come back to London haha:-) So 2015 I got my US visa and in June I went to a bible conference in Tucson Arizona. Afterwards I stopped over in New York City with some friends as  a pre – birthday celebration Chapter 30 baby!!! Powerful week of serious messages and sermons – great deals at the New York outlets.


This was a year when my faith was tested in more ways than one. Trust me I was living on the edge mountain and valley type living. At the beginning of the year I asked God to help me draw near to Him so that I’ll be able to go to God before man in every situation. I found myself in situations where no one understood what I was going through but God. It was difficult for me to comprehend at first, I found myself questioning peoples intentions and motives,  but then I found myself praying more and listening to the voice of God. It was then I began to realise God was drawing me nearer to Him and revealing His  will to me.

Lesson 1: When God tells you a secret or gives you a vision don’t get frustrated when it seems like people around you do not understand. The fact of the matter is that it was not for them to understand it was for you to understand.

It took me a while to realise what was going on. It got to the point where I felt everyone was telling me the opposite of what I knew God had already told me. It was around this time that I got a Word of knowledge from a brother at church “Another man is not in control of your life God is in control of your life because the bible says the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” This message set me free  – I was no longer seeking understanding from other people I rose to a deeper level of faith with God. But now I know what the scripture means in James 4:8 “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. It’s an amazing experience to be close to God. Sometimes you feel like you’re getting far away from people, but really your just getting close to God so embrace it. When your getting close to God you start to see things with a different perspective. You learn to live above life’s circumstances. You get to see further than other people, you get to see the things that are unseen.

“When pigeons are fighting, eagles don’t get involved.”

If God has already told you something just focus on that. Don’t get involved with the pigeons rise up like the eagle. You gotta pick and choose your battles.

“Be still and know that God is close.”

Well guys that’s my first blog post hope you enjoyed the read. Just a little snap shot of my lesson of life for 2015. I’m looking forward to 2016:

The year of the Great Awakening, the Year of the Lord’s favor, the year of stability, the year of increase, the year of wisdom, the year of salvation 🙂

I thank God for the lessons of 2015. But we need to leave 2015 behind. 2016 is a precious year.

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12 thoughts on “2015 ‘What a Year’

  1. Powerful blog. I read it multiple times! God has shown himself incredibly strong in your life. Next stop 2016!!! Praise the Living God!


  2. Thought provoking. Well done sis. Your best days are ahead of you in Jesus name. AMEN. Praise God… Will continue to believe God for great things in 2016!!!


  3. So glad you are able to share what God has done for you your love for the Lord shines brightly 2016 is indeed the year of Awakening. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your life.


  4. When I read your blog, I was completely overwhelmed. I was so encouraged by your words and bear witness with what you have said.

    Proud of you girlfriend and look forward to reading more of the power of God working not only in your life but others also via this blog.


  5. So powerful and encouraging. Absolutely fell in love with this blog when I first read. Found parts relating to myself. Such a blessings to share all God has done for you and where your focus is with him. Love it! Such a motivation for others to read. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing sis.👏👏


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