Wisdom is a free gift!

You know when you sit back and watch a situation play out and you’re thinking but why did they do this? Why is this person behaving like that? Can they not see? Well maybe they can’t. You don’t ever want to be that person that people look at and think wow why did they do that? Could they not see? #wisdomisafreegift.

Let he who lacks wisdom ask and God will give it generously – James 1 v5 #generously

Lord give me wisdom and the Mind of Christ. 🙂

Ever since I’ve started praying this prayer I’ve started seeing things in a different perspective. I’ve come to realise sometimes people say and do things due to a genuine lack of wisdom. Good intentions but no wisdom.  It’s a privilege to be able to see the things that someone else cannot see it means you are in a position to pray for them.  #wisdom #intercession #sometimespray

Martin Luther King Jr said it best when he said “nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

I used to try and work out situations: Why would they do that? What were they hoping to achieve?  It was the sincerity of the ignorance that disturbed me the most. At the end of the day when the blind lead the blind they will both fall into a ditch!

#dontbethatperson #ignoranceisdangerous #wisdomisafreegift

The reality is sometimes people just don’t know any better – just pray. I’ve been praying Lord give me wisdom and the mind of Christ : -)  I have come to realise that if someone cannot see what they are doing how are they going to change. It’s like getting annoyed at a blind man for walking into a wall – He can’t see where he’s going and you can’t give him back his sight – only God can.

Lesson of life: Sometimes people need to get their own experiences – the reason why your testimony is so powerful is because you’re talking from your own experience.   Sometimes you may watch someone doing something silly you know exactly how it’s going to play out but you can’t tell them because they won’t understand they may listen but they won’t understand.  If a person cannot see something for themselves all you can do is pray, sit back and relax.

God is in control. #wisdomisafreegift

3 thoughts on “Wisdom is a free gift!

  1. Wisdom is definitely lacking in the world and sometimes in the church. As Christians we need to continually pray for wisdom and the wisdom for others.


  2. The longer I have been a Christian, the more I recognise the need for wisdom in every area of my life. Lord help me to remember to ask for your wisdom, especially in making crucial decisions for my life.

    Thanks again Des!


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