Faith: Walking on Water

Have you ever wondered what it really means to trust God? What is faith?

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I’ll tell you about my journey of financial faith, I call it walking on water.

“Why do you continue to doubt Me when I have proven myself to you time and time again” God said.

I was at church it was 2011 I had graduated from Law School and was in search of my Pupillage, that’s the last stage of training to qualify as a Barrister. When I graduated from Law School in 2010 I was offered a job as a Paralegal, it was a 2 month contract that turned into a 3 month contract. When the project ended we were let go without notice. That’s the nature of the work. But that’s how my journey began. At the back of my mind I was only doing these temporary jobs to kill time before getting my Pupillage.

Around September 2010 it became very quiet in the world of Temp Paralegals so I didn’t work for a bit. In between contracts I would go to the Job Centre and sign on, I would receive housing benefits and a weekly sum of money until my next contract came. Every time I would go to the job centre I would feel darkness, sadness, really is this my life? After all of these years of studying? With God on my side? Is this really what it has come to? I would pray for a job and nothing would come for months. It got to the point where I decided to stop signing on and that’s when I actually got a job. It happened to me about three times in between contracts – I would go to sign on and then all of a sudden I would get a call or an email to start a new contract. One time I was in a meeting at the Job Centre where they were asking me for my passport but during the meeting I received a phone call inviting me to a telephone interview, I knew that I was going to get the job so I didn’t bother to complete the meeting. I did get the job. This was when I began to feel God telling me not to sign on at the job centre even if I am in between contracts I was to learn to lean on God completely. Furthermore it was only when I went to sign on that God intervened and gave me a job. God was giving me breadcrumbs and letting me know that He was fully in control. God could actually give me a job any time he wanted to. Moving on, so in 2011 I was at church on a Wednesday evening and a sister gave a prophecy:

“Why do you continue to doubt me when I have proven myself to you time and time again?” 🙂

I realised that each time I would go to sign on God would give me a job, so why did I keep going through the motion of signing on – this was a Word for me. #Godsgotthis #Godspeakstome

After this day I told God that no matter how bad it gets I’m not going back to the Job Centre to sign on. I’m trusting in you Lord. Jehovah Jireh – not Jehovah Giro. I didn’t need to gather multiple opinions on this matter I knew God had spoken to me so clearly. #Myprovider

… that’s where it all started, I’ve come too far to turn back now. I saw many miracles along the way, from sums of money all of a sudden appearing in my account, to the Inland Revenue sending me cheques for tax refunds that I didn’t even ask for. God is so faithful. It has never been as bad as it is now I’m in debt. But I’m living my best life now #God’s got this.

Quick Tip: Don’t let the devil lie to you – Whenever you are on your purpose the devil will try and distract you and offer you a shortcut. We are not ignorant of his devices. #dealingwiththedevil #newpost

. . . Flash forward its February 2016 and I’m praying God direct my steps. I’ve worked for about 20 hours this year – yep I said hours. I haven’t worked a normal 9 – 5 since October 2015. I got a new car in November 2015. I worked at a couple of trade shows and events here and there but right now I don’t know where my next pay cheque is coming from and I need the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. 😉 God is teaching me what it really means to live by faith. God has a plan. #Godsgotthis

My Prayer: Lord if I’m having a Job experience please let me keep my car haha #2015plate #peugeot108 #lovemycar. In case you’re wondering when God tested Job He allowed the devil to take away everything that Job owned to see if Job would curse God. Job passed the test.

#livingmybestlifenow #justshalllivebyfaith

At the beginning of this quiet season in my life I was earnestly searching for a job everyday. I actually got a job as a Teaching Assistant (which I thought would be a new career option) but it has taken 6 weeks and counting for them to get my crb. Still waiting :-/ When I found myself applying for a job as a ‘sandwich maker’ – I knew I was starting to insult God, it’s too much He’s the Maker of heaven and earth,  I really had to stop and pray. #Godwillgetyourattention

If God really wanted me to have a job I would have one. Right? There’s many things that I can do there’s no need for me to spend my days making sandwiches. There must be a greater purpose. I realised that God doesn’t want me to work at least for this season of my life. God if you don’t want me to work what do you want me to do?

“Sit at my feet and in my presence you will be made whole!” #Godspeakstome

I had to let the job search go. This was an opportunity for me to spend time with God. He knows I have bills to pay He knows all these things and yet He puts His thumb on me and says:

“Sit at my feet and in my presence you will be made whole.”

#Matthew6:25-34 #Donotworry #whoisthiskingofglory #mymaker #prayabouteverything #worryaboutnothing

I should wake up and sit at your feet Lord? I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and I actually have great peace. I asked for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I’m not worried about bills I know that God will come through, He is fully in control.

That’s how I spend my days, wake up, pray, listen to God, listen to music, read my bible, read a Christian book. I’ve managed to cover all of my bills except for my rent. I recently received a rent arrears letter from the council which I have left on my living room table – Lord you can see that I owe them money I’ll leave it in your hands. People have been panicking & sending me job vacancies, but it’s alright I know that when God is ready for me I will have a job.

“Rev 3:18 – I know your works, see I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

I need to find that open door! I’m not trying to get anywhere God doesn’t want me to be. #faith

I started a war room in my living room (those that have seen the film know what I mean) and this is where I have been spending my days with the Lord. I can literally spend hours on end praying reading and writing.

This Monday someone from church sent me a video of a prophecy that I gave one time during a church service. The person said they were just deleting videos from their phone and came across it.

God works in mysterious ways because the Word was timely for my current season, God is so faithful:

The God that never leaves my side:

“For I am preparing you for where I am taking you to, though I am grinding you be patient in tribulation and even in the midst of the fiery furnace know that I am with you for I am refining you. And I will bring you out and you will be replenished and then I will launch you forth into a destiny and when you ask Me I will deliver the nations into your hands as your inheritance, for you have been faithful and you have trusted in me, now is not the time for you to be dismayed now is not the time for you to be anxious but now is the time for you to be steadfast for I am more than able to complete all that I began I am more than able to fulfil all of my promises, do not marvel at what I have said for My Words are Spirit and they are Life.” Says the Lord 🙂

#Godspeaksthroughme #Godspeakstome

I have learnt so many things this week, there’s so much to tell I just can’t fit it into one post – I’ll have to share my other lessons in my next blog.

#unconditional love #yourmakerisyourhusband 😉

Hope this post was inspiring 🙂

#walkingbyfaith #walkingonwater #justshalllivebyfaith #bestdaysareahead




9 thoughts on “Faith: Walking on Water

  1. I truly believe God is taking you on a new level in your Christianity. We all have seasons for a reason, God said if you will draw nigh to me, I will draw nigh to you.
    This Christian life is a journey, it is inspiring to see what God is doing with you, I see that God is humbling you, moulding you, and working towards #The FinishedWork#.

    God bless you Sister Des.


  2. Absolutely amazing!!! What God can accomplish in the quiet of His presence! Indeed your best days are ahead, can’t wait for the complete testimony – God has got serious blessings waiting for you!


    1. Onwards Christian Soldier!
      Your faith IN God and faithfulness TO God is truly inspiring.
      Keep trooping on sis, the best is yet to come.


  3. I pray that you always hear God’s voice, so that your eyes will always be fixed on Him and your feet steady as you continue to walk on water.
    Thanks for sharing, your faith is an encouragement

    …and without faith it is impossible to please God …
    Heb 11:6

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such encouraging and motivating testimonies. I can relate to so much of what you say. But it’s true, God really does test our faith in all situation given or taken. These are powerful blogs. Well done Des.👏. May God continue to use you to inspire others.💕


  5. I am so encouraged by this testimony and inspired by your faith and trust in God. The best is really yet to come, because that’s the nature of the God we serve.


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