Captured and Delivered! (speech by T.Eduvie)

For those of you who missed the Book Launch see below for one of the fantastic and well crafted speeches of the evening….I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but I will update you soon and very soon.

Happy reading 🙂

Diaries of Visionary

This book is easy reading and speaks of things that are close to the heart of many, for example what is in your future? Job and career aspirations, how long is long when waiting for a spouse? Where is my life going? What is my purpose in life?

This book has profound and life changing insights into what having a real relationship with God can do regardless of life’s circumstance.

I have known Des for about 9 years now.  I have seen a stark transition in her from babe in Christ to a confident woman of God, handling real spiritual issues in a Christ like manner, with carnality fading away.

It is a magnificent thing to accomplish a great feat for Christ, to be instigator of something that has the ability to affect the life of another in a positive way and invoke Godly destiny’s, to be a source to mending the brokenness in a person, to be a voice of comfort and a friend to a lonely soul.

Well my friend Des has done it!

She has looked over from the peak of a tremendous monument, having the sadness and restriction of limitation and short sightedness chasing her, and said to herself ‘should I leap?’. Wondering whether she’d fly high and soar like an eagle across wondrous skies and vast lands or fall cataclysmically, dropping like a lead balloon destined for ground.

Regardless of not knowing she leapt and to the Glory of God she flew high and swooped into purpose with creativity powerfully unleashed…

and out of this came Diaries of Visionary …

… and a great visionary is our Des, she caved not at the voice of uncertainty and yielded not to the wickedness of doubt. Des believed in a dream, in her dream.  A dream that started off as a thought and a want, and expanded and prospered as she gave and trusted it with God.

God is faithful to give us trials, in order to mould us, shape us and show us ourselves. During these trials we may wither and wilt or blossom and flourish. Des most definitely blossomed and flourished, and became fortified in the Lord.  I could literally see her thought process become more spiritual as she stopped depending on the voice of man and sought the Voice of her Maker, Jesus Christ in His Holy Word, prayer and Godly counsel.

One of my favourite chapters in the book is Faith: Walking on Water.
For me this encapsulates Des’ journey thus far.
To have faith whilst looking into murky waters, seeing good things in dark times, struggling but functioning as normal, knowing the Hope inside is able and is perfecting the work He has started.
*This is the kind of faith that lets you walk on water.*

Des is an inspiration and I have no doubt she will do more great things to bring God Glory.

In Jesus name.

*Dreamers dream, writers write.*

A dream that has been made a reality, a thought in a mind of an unsuspecting person, captured, developed, delivered … *Diaries of Visionary.*

Written by Tejiri Eduvie

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